What is Certification?
Certification is a process in which assessment is conducted by an independent Auditor or Audit Team to assess the implementation of a referenced standard like ISO 9001. This assessment results in the evaluation in terms of the Positive Compliances, Non-Compliances and Opportunities for Improvements. The result of a successful assessment is the Certificate that is provided by the Certification Body on the basis of the report prepared by the auditors and is awarded to the Auditee Organization. This Certificate shows that the concerned organizations follows the principles of the Standards and have no Major Non-Compliance. 

What is CMMI Certification?
In CMMI, there is no word like Certification, CMMI Institute uses word Assessment in place of Certification. This is due to the fact that CMMI Institute unlike other Models and Standards does not impose the limitation of following defined principles laid down by the Model or Standard and allows the implementers to implement Specific Practices of Process Areas to be implemented in their own way. But in common man language Certification and Assessment are synonymous words and are used interchangeably. Unlike other Standards and Models, CMMI Institute does not provide Certificate on successful completion of the CMMI Assessment, instead name of the Organization is published on the CMMI Institute website. Published CMMI® Appraisal Results can be accessed on website for Published Appraisal Results from here. 

Difference between CMMI Certification and Certification
In CMMI as such there no word like Certification, rather CMMI Institute uses word Assessment as discussed already.
In CMMI, Assessment is conducted by team of Assessment Team Members (which involves the Lead Appraiser as Team Leader) whereas Certifications are generally conducted by team Auditors and Lead Auditors.
CMMI Assessments are based on the collective evidences conducted from available documentation (direct and indirect) and participant’s interviews (oral affirmations) whereas Certifications primarily are conducted to evaluate the activities (through inspections) and records (documents).
CMMI Assessments results in the Maturity Ratings for the assessed level whereas Certifications results in a Certificate. 

Does CMMI Institute conduct CMMI Certification?
CMMI Institute does not conduct Certification, rather it conducts Assessment. CMMI Institute does not conducts Assessment directly instead CMMI Institute has authorized personnel (based on their qualification and passing Appraiser ship examination) known as CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraisers or CMMI Institute Certified High Maturity Lead Appraisers.
These CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraisers or CMMI Institute Certified High Maturity Lead Appraisers conducts CMMI Assessments with a team of Assessment Team Members. And provide their ratings in terms of Largely Implemented, Fully Implemented, Partially Implemented and Not Implemented for each Process Area. Successful Assessment leads to the publishing of the Appraisal Results at CMMI Institute Website, which can be accessed here. 

How GCSLLC can help in getting CMMI Certification
GCS LLC, an Authorized CMMI Institute Partner, has the expertise of highly qualified High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HMLA), Lead Appraiser (LA) and Assessment Team Members (ATMs) to conduct the CMMI Assessments (i.e. Certifications). GCS LLC is capable of conducting High Maturity Assessment as well as Low Maturity Assessment. More can be read about CMMI Assessment at GCS LLC website’s page for CMMI Assessment. You can also refer to CMMI Institute Partners Directory for GCS LLC – CMMI Institute Partner Page.
Interested in our CMMI Assessment Services, please refer to the primary source site, globalcertllc.com